To the technical support team and developers


First, I would like to say that I am a huge fan of the Conan universe and I really want to like the Conan Unconquered game but unfortunately I am experiencing technical issues with the game most notably the performance. The game runs like a slide show (low fps) and I don’t know why.

Please note that I am able to play other high demanding games on high settings with reasonable frame rates (such as the Witcher 3 everything on high running smoothly at a steady 30+ fps, )

These are my computer specifications:

AMD FX 6300 Six core at 3.5 GHZ
12 Gigs of Ram
Windows 10 (latest updates)
Nvidia GTX 770 (lastest Driver 445.87)
274 Gigs free hard drive space

I tried playing everything on lowest settings and have it at the lowest resolution and having everything on the highest settings at 1080p and it makes a 5 -10 FPS difference but basically same outcome. FPS goes everywhere from 60fps to 8 making the game play experience terrible.

I am a huge fan of the developers (since Command and Conquer on DOS :slight_smile:

Please optimize the game I know you guys can do it :slight_smile:

If its a funding issue just make an optimization DLC with another character or something :slight_smile:

Thank you,