Tralls food meater

I know I can’t spell but u have to feed tame tralls/ pets right but u don’t have any idea if they are starving or not now never had thrall die from starvation but it is possible I reckon so mabey add food meater to pets and tralls

It was tried before, people cried that they spent hours feeding their thralls and filling the food pots.
The log in refreshers actually had to spend time in game doing something and they hated it.
It was nerfed out of existence.
The end.

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So do u have to feed them or not

Also thank u

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You don’t have to feed them, and they will not starve to dead.

You can add food to them, because food will allow them to heal and gain buffs in combat. So a fighting thrall without food is more vulnerable, and can’t heal over time.
But your thrall in your base will not starve, no worries.

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