Treasure coffers lose ownership in Single Player after logout

Game mode Singleplayer
TestLive client #502640/37342 Backend Beta (1)

Problem: In single player, place down a treasure coffer and put some items in it. Place a Lemurian Idol in as well. They will show as owned by you. If you log out then back in, the coffer and placeables inside it now have No Owner and cannot be interacted with. Structures and other containers are not impacted.

update, this does not seem to happen every time, but might actually be related to steam Family Share. I changed accounts in order to access the same SP world with another character, which normally will maintain separate ownership of structures per account. It works as expected for build pieces, but the treasure coffers don’t seem to keep their ownership correctly and end up being owned by no one afterwards. You can’t interact with them, but if you “loot all” from the menu you can take the items.

Create a clan in the SP game to resolve the ownership of the Coffer. It is also needed for the Clan Emblem Workbench.

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Not true, I’m on a clan and I came back to all my containers empty

everything lost, great way to encourage testing!

btw this was on the official PVE server

Yes, this is an issue already in live game. Have a family share and, in a moment of laziness, whilst leaving a clan mamber in my clan, Admin-swapped to the Admin clan to sort out some player shenanigans. When I swapped back to my clan, ALL pets and thralls had despawned.

On testing, my clan-mate placed new thralls and pets and I repeated the admin-clan swap and lost no thralls/pets. Just to make sure, I placed some thralls/pets and swapped back and forth and lost only the followers I had placed and not the ones placed by Clanmate.

Basically, Followers, and now Treasure, are linked directly to the Player name that placed and not to a Clan if a clan exists. This makes sense as it could be exploited I am sure. Not technically a bug, but something to keep in mind.

Greetings @learuis,

Thank you for your report. Can you share your saved file with us?

Please upload it to Google Drive or to a similar platform and share the link for download with us.

Make sure to reach out in private tagging @community if you prefer.

We appreciate your assistance in this investigation.

All followers at base in single player games were gone in my testlive games. Logged in at base, fighters, horse, golems, pets were gone in game save from Chapter 3. On Siptah i had a rescued fighter a long distance away that was my only follower. On the Exiled lands, no placed follwers were there.

I suspect this has something to do with the server settings. I noticed yesterday that the server.ini was updated. I did check mine and had to manually change the land-claim setting.

I have not seen the issue in my base with everything disappearing. This is from this morning when I logged into the Beta client. I do run a modded SP game.

No clue while my message was moved to this thread. Bugs listed here may be related because of the same section of the code, but if so someone from Funcom should acknowledge this. Otherwise they appear on the surface to be unrelated.

I checked my logs, and on Siptah they all show as “deleted because the player has not logged on for a long time.” One of the big advantages of single player is that, since time does not pass when not in the game, you do not have to play regularly. Single player players will be really angry if all their thralls are gone if they log on to try the Age of War and find all followers gone.

The event log on my Exiled Lands save showed no entries for thralls or otherwise. I did create a clan on the Exiled Lands, but that shouldn’t have erased all log entries from before then.


Thanks for the reply. I submitted the game.db file via a private message to @community.

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Just to confirm, was your thrall decay setting enabled?

I know that I had an issue where I lost ownership of my personal base after I created my clan in single player. I had to quit my clan and remake it.

@Funcom_Community Isso tudo é aterrorizador para qualquer clã ou jogador PVP, não queremos que o jogo atualize para deixar todos sem clã podendo perder todo o farm de meses e anos por que tem um bug de configuração que não foi resolvido… Espero que a funcom resolva esse problema antes de atualizar o jogo para a nova era AGE OF WAR não quero perder meu loot para um BUG de configuração no servidor. :thinking: Espero que resolva de fato e não aconteça igual ao BUG da masmorra de KURAK que ainda permanece sem solução e sem poder ser completado por que não foi ajustado. :sleepy:

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