Trophy “The Road of Kings” Impossible to achieve!

Hi there, so the problem is related to the trophy “The Road of Kings”, simply is impossible to achieve in the current version of the game. The new Journey system messed up completely this achievement, and all the trophy hunters are reporting the same problem.


This also applies to the “O Sleeper Awake” trophy. I’ve been trying to get both trophies for three days and it doesn’t work out. I play on PS5. I hope for responsiveness in this matter.

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same problem

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When the new journey system first unveiled, the first chapter was blocked for players who had been playing for a while. At some point, it was unblocked, and I was able to do it.

I did finish all the trophies years ago, but if you start another character on a server where you don’t intend to play long term, you can get Chapter 1 if it has not yet unlocked on your current game.

For the sleeper trophy, it should unlock when you place a bed or bedroll. We used to have to use the sleep emote to actually lie down on them.

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Seen in old gameplays, the difference in the journey system is notable. However, it is still confirmed: in the current version it is not possible to earn this trophy. I talked to many players, including those who aim to earn 100% of trophies, including DLC trophies, and they all told me that they needed to play the 1st version of Conan Exiles to get this specific trophy. All other trophies in the game like “O Sleeper Awake” are obtainable, but in a different way, which requires activating the specific quest to obtain the achievement. The only currently unobtainable trophy is “The Road of Kings”. As for the DLC trophies I can’t confirm, because I don’t own it. Hopefully in the next patch this will be fixed.

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Update: still, even with the new update “Age of War” I could not get the trophy, since there is no division of chapters. Please, if there is any method to earn The Road of Kings Trophy, let us know.

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Facing the same problem with 2 TROPHIES

THE ROAD OF KINGS and the other one that you need to sleep in a bed … Made a post on fórum but no replys from any admin / Dev on the matter …

Even doing the emote and under the journey to make (survival / survival shelter) i couldnt achieve the trophy.

Saw some posts with CRAFTSMAN RECIPE (apprentice and journeyman) but couldnt find them in game, or what i need to unlocked them.

Wikia even stages that:
-Homesteader is one of The Exiles Journeys.

The requirement to unlock this journey is the completion of the Survival Shelter journey

But i havent unlocked that journey. Even tough i made both SURVIVOR and SURVIVOR SHELTER ones …

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