True Believer bugged

Getting to 1000 points did not award the achievement or outfit.

Have you sent a /petition ingame?

Did you reach 1K points through far too much corn, or was it through the story progression? (Notice the other achivement about reaching 1K points)

It is bugged in that you won’t get an achievement if you reach 1k through points gained from the steps (or completion) of the Personal… main mission. Was worried as well when I hit 1k without any reward.

But completing first (I suppose any) side mission granting points triggered the achievement.

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. The developers are now aware and are planning a fix to be implemented soon. If you haven’t already, please make a petition in-game by typing “/petition” so we can manually fix the problem for you.

I actually did try doing a couple more (side) missions before making the petition and it didn’t work for me. The petition did though, thanks.