Twitch Drop Stream - Feats Gone?

Here’s an odd issue I have just noticed when I was about to make some more items from the Twitch Stream drop from last month.

I qualified and got all the rewards. I made everything without issue. Today, deciding I needed some more Watcher Torches and a Dragon Flag I went to go make them and I cannot even see them anymore? The Watcher feat appeared once I’d qualified for it.

Now I cannot see any items, make any items, whether he placeables or the unique armour? I checked the Twitch link and saw it’s not linked so tried re-linking and, though it appears in the Game Panel, and you can click it, nothing happens.

When in my Twitch account I can see all the Watcher reward items, but that’s it.

Anyone else had this issue or know how to resolve it?

I wonder. Have you by any chance used a Yellow Lotus potion to respec since obtaining them Grymm? The reason I ask is because a number of Exiles have reported a bug whereby it deletes obtained Feats.

Nope. Wasn’t the curse of the Yellow Juice. But it was kinda #mestoopid

After the Twitch drop promo, obviously didn’t leave the twitch connection linked and all was good. But I think that since I noticed the recipes disappeared was around a month after the promotion, there may have been a quick security check in the game that didn’t show the expected linkage and hey-presto, no more recipes.

For the ‘minor’ inconvenience re-linking to Twitch, if it stops any possible exploitations, then I am for it. At least it’s a solution. :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback though. Appreciated.

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