U.K. PvE/C Adult E/RP Kingdom Based Server

Community: Roleplay

Server Name: Midgard

Adult Only. Established server with 80+ members.
PvE Conflict and Roleplay and Events. Kingdom based Roleplay. Ørken needs people we are in the desert. We all work together. King, Prime Minister, Hand of the King, many roles needed in our Kingdom. We have Villages, Towns, and Cities. Join discord let them know the Prime Minister sent you. You will need a password after you register. Character name can’t be GamerTag. We are not an Admin kingdom. The admin are serious about rules. We like to have fun in the south. The Deep South practices Derketo. Hope you’ll come help us! We are an underdog kingdom. Our kingdom uses immersive documents in discord and help people new to Roleplay and game. We have civilisation close to entry spawn point.


How do you join the server or discord? I am somewhat new to the game and played on another server a bit and learned a bit, is there a discord link I can use?