Unable to acquire multiple base game achievements

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: =SERVER TYPE=
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:

Unable to acquire multiple achievements. These achievements include “O Sleeper Awake” (Sleep on a bed or bedroll), “The God in the Bowl” (Use a religious altar), and “The Road of Kings” (Complete the first chapter of the Journey)

Bug Reproduction:

I’ve tried unlocking these on my Xbox Series X, and through the PC Gamepass app. I’ve tried reinstalling the base game, and also tried clearing my save data. I’ve also attempted obtaining these in an official server. Nothing works.

Trying to complete broken jurney steps.
That looks what most players doing in Chapter 3
A lot of jurney steps don’t complete, if you haven’t done it the way designer design it.
For example. You can run in volcano where ever you want. It will still show you that you have not found it.
Unless you enter through certain entrance

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Same problem here, noticed ‘O Sleeper Awake’ so far is not completable. Tried multiple beds and bedrolls.

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Okay, I’ve figured it out. You have to complete the associated journey to do it,

The only achievement I can’t figure out, is completing the “first journey” achievement.

I was completing the journey (the first one that tells you to craft a bedroll) when i noticed that ‘O Sleeper Awake’ didn’t unlock, so that’s not the issue with that achievement.

Regardless…achievements should not be locked behind journey’s imo, or they need to reword them all.

So in the DLC it happens the same thing and worst, only 1 trophy/achievement unlocked…

I can confirm that some achievements (like the one with a bedroll) are unlocked when you perform the actions needed within the associated Journey. Still… It is absolutely unclear what a player needs to do to unlock “The Road of Kings” achievement. The achievement seems a broken one. 100% completion of achievements seems not possible anymore. The changes in Journeys caused that. Achievements in “The Isle of Siptah” DLC suffered even more, 10 of 11 seem broken (or absolutely unclear). This is a common problem for different platforms. Cause guys on PS branches of forum declare the same problems with PS trophies.

That may be the case for you but i can assure you that it isn’t for me. I have completed the associated journey multiple times on different characters and still not unlocked ‘O Sleeper Awake’.

I mean, seriously, achievements don’t get much more basic than ‘sleep’, For me it’s not fixable by doing a journey. It’s bugged!

I’ve been having the issues with the DLC & TU’s not unlocking. Is it the same situation where it is only on the journeys they unlock?

I ran through on a fresh character to collect one sigil for the achievement and didn’t work once I used it. So they must be bugged for now until the next patch

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