Unable to retrieve corpse/loot, behind Cursed Wall

Game mode: [ Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE-Conflict ]
Region: [ United States ]
Hardware: [ PS5 Disc versiioin ]

Bug Desription:

Ran through Cursed Wall on far lower right corner of the map, in Jungle biome.
Went back to retrieve corpse, but corpse was 10 meters on the far side of the cursed wall.
I was unable to retrieve corpse, and a bunch of stuff I was carrying.

Expected Behavior:

My corpse should have been retrievable, not on the far side of the Cursed Wall, out of reach.

Steps to Reproduce:

Did not attempt to reproduce


please elaborate.

When you walk through the cursed wall, you will automatically never be able to get your things back. The game automatically puts your body away from the line of the wall, in order to avoid people who take advantage of mistakes. It is not your case, but it is something normal

do you have something that supports your claim that this is working as intended?

I ask, because I am fairly certain that I have been able to retrieve my loot from a death by Cursed Wall corpse in the past.


I have never been able to catch it,It is also simple, do not go over the wall and you can take your body

Some years ago I had a base on the island in the west. I remember that I run very often into the wall while building the base… I was able to catch my corpse inventory. The body was directly on the wall or only 1m behind.

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