Undocumented Change Prestine Khari Weapons

Since all undocumented changes are to be considered potential bugs according to this tweet https://twitter.com/igmiro/status/1332534415499653122?s=20 the following change was made and not documented and is therefore a potential bug, Please potentially fix this potential bug before this version is potentially launched to the live version of the game. This will potentially remove bugs that potential players could encounter.

The following weapons have all had the Damage, Armor Penetration and Durability lowered.

Pristine Khari Bow
Pristine Khari Sword
Pristine Khari Daggers


This has been answered there is a hot fix on weapons as lots got messed up but I have no clue in terms of everything that went or how many weapons there are in the game… now I wonder how many weapons in the game now :thinking:

We now need an answer on Every Single Item that has been changed, a generic “Weapons” got messed up is no longer good enough, we were told to not assume or be mistaken that every change was Intended, so with that we need to be Specific as Wak is pointing out Specific items Affected, to know if these are affected by the “Potential Bug”.


When I log in next time I’ll count them for you if I can remember to.

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And when you finish there will be a skeleton that sees the last number and the jaw falls off :joy:

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Hey I did not give the answer I am quoting what was said but well… I’m not certain how long that list will be but I cannot imagine what all was messed up as I’m on Xbox and don’t have siptah :sob: but honestly they do and don’t intentionally alter weapons but fir me it’s a could care less but that not you which both of you ask for answers which is fine but I could not care less I was just pointing out a response posted earlier is all

You said it’s been answered but then immediately say afterwards you “have no clue of terms of everything that went”. You also say you are just quoting another source but you don’t actually provide where, and mention that you both “could care less” and “couldn’t care less”.

To sum it up, let me just point out that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Well my device has apple
Autocorrect just like this large space that I did not hit but also I cannot get a link on any thread to give reference but @Ignasi said at they are aware of the problem and will be in a upcoming hot fix for test live alsomy device will not allow me to correct and type o because it bug out when I try to move around the screen to select the problem

Hey @Wak4863

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll relay this information to the team so they can look into it.
It is potentially treated as a bug, as we also mentioned in the patchnotes thread, as well as other threads that popped over the weekend. :slight_smile:


So this is base game and isle of siptah combined, this does not include any other dlc weapons. It is weapons and shields combined and may not be a complete list. I counted the ones I tested recently to be 534 weapons and shields.

I hope you have not become a skeleton yet :rofl:


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