Updates aren't working

I’ve already deleted local save and resynced conan. Still nothing. I just want to know how i can only get half an update, it doesn’t make sense, infuriating. Plus this funcom bunch are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. One nothing burger response. Thanks go to the community for trying to do these folks job for them

What I find odd is you seem to be the only person on Xbox with this issue.
Maybe Xbox players aren’t active on the forum, but I’ve not ready about anyone else having this issue. In order to find the cause of the issue the devs need to be able to repeat it. If you are the only person having the issue they can’t get it to repeat.

How old is your Xbox One? Also how much hard drive space do you have left?

What i find odd is that a couple people earlier in the thread said they were having the same problem and if you scroll back about 9-10 days there’s another thread mentioning the same thing about events which you even commented on. So it’s kinda odd you don’t remember that. I’m not a programmer, i did the bug report like they asked and got 1 reply that was not very helpful. What more can i do?

Not sure how old it is, maybe 7/8 years. I’ve got bout 112 gig spare after reinstalling the game

My bad.

Insufficient space can mess with updates on Xbox. It may also be an issue with the update itself affecting last generation consoles. I’m on Series X and zero issues with events spawning in on single player mode.

Doesn’t seem to be a space issue. I have thought about the next gen stuff. I had a 360 for a while after the xbox one came out and you could see games shifting over, leaving the 360 in the dust. I hope with all these live games they don’t just focus on the bigger better newer stuff with the last gen being something to sort later. I don’t know how long this headhunter thing is on for but that’ll be 2 events i’ve missed out on, with all the extra weapons and armours and decorations. Gutted

update i have finally seen someone go into the dazed state before a fatality. I’ve mangled through tonnes of humans since the update where you could do fatalities so i don’t think it was just a bad luck RNG thing. It’s giving me a little bit of hope that something is just a bit loose and rattley and once it gets found it’s going to start working again. Still no headhunter caravans though, i’ve got plenty of spare heads for them when they do show :smiley:

Yo any update or anything?