Upgrade the T3.5 Armorers

There are several named Armorers in the game that do not craft any armor except the flawless light/medium/heavy armor, an example of this is Diana Steelshaper. I call these named Armorers T3.5 instead of T4 because they seem like they are not quite what a named T4 Armorer should be.

Conversely, there are many sought-after armors in the game which are not made (flawless) by any Armorers or are made by Armorers that are near impossible to get, examples being Cimmerian or Hyperborian Slaver.

Wouldn’t it be great if these (somewhat) useless named Armorers could make these hard or impossible to get sets? Wouldn’t even need to add any new assets to the game, just update them to have a specialized set of armor.

I don’t even care if they don’t match (i.e. a Dafari Armorer making a Hyborian Armor) and would personally vow to hunt down anyone who whined about any discrepancies and raid them into oblivion, as the loss in “immersion” or whatever would be much more bearable than having a named Armorer that doesn’t do anything special.


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