UPSTAIRS: Social RP Every Other Thursday at the Horned God (8pm EST)

Looking for a place to meet and greet with new people? Interested in participating in some easy to find social RP? Have you considered heading UPSTAIRS at the Horned God?

Every other Thursday evening (at 8pm EST) people start to gather in the upstairs room of the Horned God to drink and socialize. There’s nothing complicated about it, it’s just a time you will know there’s other people there who are looking to make new friends, tell stories or even just share a pint (or two) with.

You’ll be able to meet up on ‘Craft’ or ‘Mayahuel’ to join in on the fun.

Our next Gathering UPSTAIRS is: Thursday March 22nd.


UPSTAIRS is back this Thursday, March 8th!

Feel free to meet up on Craft after 8pm EST or look for the posting on the social window.

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This week is another UPSTAIRS week! We’ll be at the Horned God this Thursday, March 22nd.


April 5th might be a good time to head UPSTAIRS and take a break from whatever new and interesting stuff you might all be doing.


We’re back at it on April 19th!

Be there… or be somewhere else.

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So does this mean UPSTAIRS is happening tonight then? :smiley: