[US] [PC] Game of Kings - PVP / REAL RP / Become The One True King / 3 Active Admins / 2.5x Harvest-2.5x Experience / Raid Times in US Central Mon-Fri 8pm-11pm Sat-Sun 12pm-11pm

This server is full of RP entwined with PVP. There are endless possibilities you can go about pvping in our realm such as declaring war for ownership of someone’s land. On our server specifically the most unique way to have a situation of both RP and PVP is dealing with the King of the realm (Whoever that may be at the time.) They can tax people, set new rules for the realm, and break RP boundaries. You, being a citizen (or one of the 8 unique roles to choose from) of the realm, can either comply or be an enemy of the king and try to take the crown for yourself.
These are the only rules:
-RP names are REQUIRED.
-NO EXPLOITING! (Vault Walls, Spamming Foundations, De-spawning stuff etc).
-Become the King/Queen by killing the King/Queen and obtaining the Crown. The King/Queen sets the rules of the game but still follows the Server Rules.
-The Crown must be worn at all times as the King/Queen.
Event’s every Friday/Saturday, active admins, server never does a hard reset (unless forced by funcom), fun community of good rp/pvp.
Direct Connect:
Discord: https://discord.gg/hK43e7N 1
2.5x Harvest / 2.5x Experience
Raid Window in US Central:
8pm-11pm Mon-Fri
12pm-11am Sat-Sun

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