[US][PC][PVP] Banished Bazaar [No MODS][5x/All][NO GODS/WIPE]

Worried about your server suddenly losing its funding, and losing all your hard work? Come to this one no funding needed and going nowhere. This is a custom built server built specifically to host this Conan: Exiles server. The current rule set is 5xALL, NO Gods, No Offline Raiding, No Wipes, (unless absolutely needed) Longer days, shorter nights, faster crafting and faster thrall conversion. Admins will give a legendary weapon of your choice for every 20 hours played on the server as a gift. We will have server-wide events where more prizes will be given. I am also looking for Admins and Moderators to help run the server community. Please join the Discord and reach out to one of the Admins if interested. ****Discord https://discord.gg/3WeXYpM *****

Server IP is