Valentine's Contest: Winners List!

Who knew toughing it out in the harsh and unforgiving world that is the Exiled Lands did nothing to harden your sweet loving hearts, awww. We received beautifully written entries, some dripping with cheese and some that gave us a hearty chuckle.

Check out the winning entries here and comment if you’re one of them! And if not, feel free to share it here too!

Winners will be contacted by email later today.

Physical Category Winners

1st Place

A lovely letter from the Exile Lupus, the Cimmerian mercenary, to Zafira, the Stygian leader of clan Iseth.
Our judges loved not only the ambience and authentic feel of this entry, but the fantastic letter written with in-game lore on a singed note. Here is a transcript of the letter shown below if you’d like it:


Dearest Zafira

I’m writing you this letter to express my feeling
But I’m just warrior so forgive me my crude ryhming
With you my love, life has finally some meaning
Now its much more then just grog, dungeons, and crocodile beating
You are the pillar which provides 100 stability to my unstable life
In your name I pierced the Nordheimers hearts with edge of my knife
You are so sweet like the Sygian freshest grape
You are the moment when Hanuman gifts me my very own ape
North is full of mammoths, Dogs of Desert are vile
I love when the head of Red Mother brings you smile
North is cruel, windy, full of rain
My blood boils when you bind thralls on wheel of pain
Purges will come and one day our temples will fall by hands of impure
Yet, free from Exiled Lands our spirits will forever endure

From Lupus

2nd Place

A “card” from Insein to Shupa.
We loved that this acted just like a mini sign post you can create in the game. And it looks great in a potter!
You can see more images of the sign + adorable dog HERE.

3rd Place

A carving from TreeYou to all you Exiles out there.
This wooden card was carved using only a knife, no gas or electricity used! Amazing!

Digital Category Winners

1st Place

A lovely card from “The King of the Imps” to the Priestess of Derketo, Yakira. Created by oldcraig.
The judges absolutely loved that the card looks handmade complete with pictures held with tape. The letter is both sad yet endearing.


I was once young and beautiful,
athletic and tan.
I was confident and ashing,
I was a man.
But ambition clouded my judgement,
I lingered for too long.
Now my features are twisted by magic,
so I’ll write you this song:
I wear pots and pans
to deflect arrows and swords,
but they don’t stop the insults,
those terrible words.
So I growl and rage,
I’m a terrible sight to behold,
and though I appear fearsome,
I have a heart of gold.
From behind my pans,
I watch you with bated breath.
You are my goddess,
oh priestess of pleasure and death.
I yearn for your affection,
a simple touch or even a kiss.
My twin serpents are coiled -
send me into screaming bliss!
Alas! I am grotesque,
I know you can never love me.
From afar I will adore you,
like the moon reaching out to the sea.
I am the largest of my kind,
I am the Kings of the Imps.
Oh sweet Yakira, Priestess of Derketo,
for you, I simp.

2nd Place

A simple yet elegant card from Tyros the Deathbringer to Telith, daughter of the Witch Queen. At first glance it may appear to be a charming and sweet letter, but you’ll find a deeper meaning in each sentence on a second glance.


My Dear
Telith, Daughter of the Witch Queen

I bequeath to you
An island, upon wich a Sanctuary for your people will be built

In your honor, my swords will be named
And you lament and sorrow will be the bane of the PriestKing

I promise you this,
Along with my undying heart

Tyros the Deathbringer

3rd Place

A wonderful interactive card was made by “a talented Dogs of the Desert artisan using the sweetest and tastiest blueberries.” to the Beloved Lianeele.
Finding all (14) differences in the images will increase the happiness of your loved ones until the next purge!

Answers here

You should be able to download the image and overlay it on the card.

Honorable Mentions

In no particular order, these are cards that didn’t receive as many votes from the judges but still brought smiles and aww’s.

To Sigara from MilkMalk. A gorgeous drawing created in Procreate of the two fighting off beasts of the 8-legged variety.


Dear Sigara,
I love you to the moon and back.
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me
and if it is necessary,
I will conquer the whole world for you.
I want you to remember that my heart beats only for you,
now and always…and since we met,
I can’t imagine my life without you.
You’re my love, my best friend,
my forever Valentine <3
Your MilkMalk

From Abe to Abe, sporting some of that self love.

A card from toniapiromali, who kneels before King Conan but fell in love with the guardian beside him, mixalisj5. Instead of using words, their feelings were conveyed through a handwritten drawing.

This letter from Exile Prometeo to a furry Yeti touched our hearts.


Dear furry creature,
I still remember the first time I saw you.
I didn’t know there was another creature with so much chest hair in all of Exile.
I fell in love instantly. Since then I haven’t stopped thinking about you.
If bananas existed in Exile, I would be willing to share them with you every day.
Until next time, or in case you don’t understand my language.


This simple yet adorable card from JackalTaco to Arby won the hearts of judges as it brought them back to early school days of giving out cards to classmates.

Conan Card(1)

Thank you again to everyone who participated and helped spread the love. These contests are a lot of fun for us, and hope it is for you all too. Keep an eye out in the future for more opportunities to win keys and other neat prizes we’ll have!

If there’s a contest you’d like to see happen, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.
Until next time, Exiles!


Congratz to all the winners! :hearts:


Thank you for judging and above all for holding the contest! I am very happy!


By participating in this contest I realized that I wanted to create more freehand drawings for my work. And also seeing your declarations of love I have decided to spread more love :heart: in my life, especially now that the world has become barbaric again.

I am asking you to do the same and never give up in multiplying love :purple_heart:

Congratulations to the winners and I invite the rest of the participants to share their touch of love :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Seriously surprised there wasn’t more dedications to Lianeele… I mean, she’s literally the best thrall ever! Dalinsia, I still love you, but I just love Lianeele a little more.


Beautiful work, big Bravo to all :+1:t6:


WAIT… there was a Contest??


And I love making real stuff… T_________T

Now i’m sad I missed this…

Hehe I wanted to do something to lianeele but couldn’t make it in time. Maybe next time.
She indeed the best thrall!
Gratz for all the winners! the prizes are the best


Love them!
Congratulations to all the winners♥

I couldn’t participate but this is a drawing i did for my friends last year^^


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