Valeria’s Rest pve

Isle of Siptah [Xbox PVE]

Looking for a long term stable home? Server prepaid for a year so in it for the long haul.

Come join a great group of helpful players! 1.5 XP, and harvest rates. Free welcome kit with starter thrall, armor, weapons, food and tools at lighthouse sitting at western starting area C8.

20 player max now but willing to increase based on need.

Community events. Mount races/arena battles etc…

Looking for easy going/friendly people to help fill out our server. We have a great core group

Search for “Valeria’s rest” in Xbox servers.

GT: “Adena Syn” for any questions.

Server online ?
Any rules ?
Server region ?
Can I join ?

Yes server is online. We have 2 servers
Valeria’s rest (siptah)
Valeria’s exiles (exiles)

Feel free to join. Discord info in the OP