Vanity camera rotates automatically when emote is playing

Is that intentional?

Also, the now ‘standard’ sleeping emote makes the players head tilt way back depending on where you are looking.

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Hey @Thea

Could you share a video of this event happening so our team can get a better look at it?
Thanks in advance.

Yesterday the camera rotated all the time when I was sitting on anything. Today, I can’t re-create this bug.

And on the head angle issue when lying down…

  1. Lie down on the ground (problem only appears when you are actively lying down/sleeping).
  2. Point the camera down (other players see your character look at the feet).
  3. Point the camera up (other players see your character’s head sticks into the floor).

A similar problem concerns sitting on chairs and benches…

  • If you sit on a chair looking at it from above, your character’s head will be looking down all the time.
  • Similarly, if you sit on a chair looking at it from below, your character’s head will be looking upwards all the time.
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Thanks @fito
I was aware that looking down would fix it but was also hoping that it could be fixed so that you can look at yourself (i have controller style movement selected) without the vanity camera on and your head would be in the right position. Not a big thing tho.

Will try to get that vid Ignasis. It was happening with all my emotes that time so hopefully i can duplicate it.

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Unfortunately, I can’t re-create this @Ignasis. If it happens again, i will post it to here.

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Hey @Ignasis, I was able to recreate it. I have a short clip but I’m only able to upload pics. Is that due to my level on the forums?

I’m not sure how i recreated it, I was just messing around and the bug re-appeared. Just before, i had stopped an emote by clicking ‘e’ to ride my horse. Not sure if that’s what did it though because i hadn’t used the vanity camera for a while. Also, it not only rotates when doing an emote, it rotates all the time in vanity camera.

Hey @Thea, you may post a link to the video and break it up with one or two spaces so that the forum doesn’t see it as a link. Uhr9QPQ05OEGvVMIZWWx7jb5GkS

Hope this link works!

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