Various named T4 missing recipes → Fixed on TestLive

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In the Issues Status - PC thread, it is stated that “Various named T4 missing recipes” have been fixed. However I would like to make note that Diana Steelshaper, and Than Hammerblow are not fixed. They do not have the flawless relic hunter recipes like the other t4 relic hunter armorers. Also, if you are to look at their profession template and spawn data in the DevKit they share the exact same template so fixing one would fix both of them. However there is also an unused Zingarian t4 relic hunter armorer template that one of these might be better suited to point to (as there is no other t4 zingarian armorer in the game). I’m under the impression this bug is not regularly reported due to the fact this armorer spawn is the one that has been inside the building but it is fixed on testlive so it would be a good idea to get in front of this issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Spawn in Relic Hunter Armorer 4 Hyborian/hrykanian
  2. Put them on improved armor bench
  3. Open Devkit look at spawn data/profession templates
  4. See that these 2 armorers point to the same template, and that it is missing the item ids for flawless relic hunter. (And note the unused zingarian armorer profession template)