Vaults should lock once initial button is pressed on PvE

Been playing on a PvE server about 15 days now, and for PvP, the vaults locking once its completed makes sense to engage players. but For PvE, if we could have it lock out when they start it, it will reduce griefing, and also make it easier to know when they will reset at a glance. As right now, its a real bummer to dungeon hop, and go in and find out they didn’t complete it yet.


When the Door is a little bit open, this is an visual feedback that someone is inside
or what you mean exactly?

The door shows as cracked pretty often without anyone being inside. Its not really a valid indicator. What I’m saying is, on PvE, as soon as someone goes in and presses the first button, it locks the Vault, so the button presser can perform the dungeon without being invaded. This only needs to be a thing in PvE as it keeps people from griefing and stealing your loot. But also if the lockout timer starts from when they start the dungeon, it will reset sooner for another player.

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This would allow for even more grief. Imagine 1 player quickly locking all 14 vaults in 30min just for laughs.
I would rather have the vault door pop-up a text like: “In use” while a player is inside.

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I have to ask, if the vault locks soon as you step on the first switch and you die in the vault…than what?

I would also like to point out, any pro at doing vaults…goes inside…runs by all mobs…kills last boss…loots chest. It takes 2 minutes. IE no-one has a chance to steal my last chest because all the in-between from entrance to the last boss I skip, as most do. Anyone who has done vaults for awhile I’m sure does it this way.

What? Trolls in Conan Exiles? That would never happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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