Vehement RP (18+)

Vehement RP 18+
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Featuring: With over 35+ Mods, including favorites like Pippi, EEWA, Age of Calamitous, Devious Desires, Beyond Decor Mods, Emberlight, iQoL, and more!

Vehement is the Exiled Lands meets the Nexus Purgatory of Fantasy and Steampunk. Immerse yourself in a world being bent by many planes of existence. Fourteen unique regions hold claim to the Exiled Lands but are under threat by a looming threat from beyond the threshold. It is up to those who find themselves here to decide who really rules the Exiled Lands.

We build the story and develop the world together at Vehement. Join a home that puts Community first. We offer a unique character profile system to give you the ability to thoroughly create a character and set your level of expectations. Thrive in an environment where playing a race from another realm is possible and build relationships to help you survive The Exiled Lands.

Play through our brand new prologue to discover just how torn reality is. You are in an unknown land, your old gods are silent and do not answer your prayers. Whatever knowledge you thought you had beforehand does not necessarily hold true here. What happens next is entirely upon you… Now find your way, Exile

Custom Content

  • Daily and Weekly Quests
  • Leveling Combat Arena (15 Levels and Adding)
  • Clan Region War Games
  • Tons of Mod Vendors.
  • Level 60 Boost
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Material Kits (Free!/Reusable)
  • Character Cosmetics
  • Voting Rewards
  • Custom Dungeons, Special RP Towns.
  • Custom NPCs and Quests
  • Heavily Reduced PvE Grind

Server Lore
In our new Prologue sequence, you can find yourself in an immersive tale of a mysterious looming darkness. Join Vehement to discover the lost knowledge of the former Vehement Kingdom or build your own and vanquish those who try to get in your way. Are you a noble leader or a loyal follower? Do you hold a hand of Iron or a hand of gifts? This world is shattered and in need of correction. Who would do the honor and take the throne to glory? Find out and join Vehement.

Server Invite

Server Name: Vehement RP (18+)
Steam Direct Connect: steam://connect/
Server Direct Connect:
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