WarlockWarz | Wizards, Kings and Prisoners (STOP BEING SCARED OF PVP!)


24/7 PvP Warfare Server

With the Fist of Essence Magic Mod fully in play, this server is meant to be an action packed, constantly warring server.

Instead of Religions, you have a choice of one of 2 Alliances at Character Creation. Order and Chaos. Choosing Order puts Mitra, Ymir and Jhebbal Sag shrines in your recipes and Chaos gives you Set, Yog and Derketo. Upon spawning you will arrive in the Torture Zone and speak to Conan who will give you the Starting items you need to move forward as well as instructions on choosing your class. Once you arrive in New City you have a choice to make. Either venture out and make it on your own or be transported to your Kingdom where you can meet your Ruler and work for your Alliance.

Every NPC killed drops custom loot. One of those being Alliance Tokens. Bringing these to New City, you can increase the Reputation of your Alliance. Once an Alliance reaches 100 Rep they can purchase an Alliance Marker and place it anywhere on the map to claim 50X the amount of land as a normal Foundation. (This equals about 1 block on a Conquer Map) This is how the Kingdoms expand and constant Spell-Fueled Wars are going on around these Markers.

Other Features:
• Underworld Map - A full cave system beneath the map almost doubles the size of exploration (Drows, Orcs and Halflings included)
• Capture and Prison System
• Class System - huge attribute boost on spawn.
• Warlock Arena Events
• Offline Protection Ballista - Custom Turrets that shoot at a huge distance (Fire, Ice and Poison)
• VIP System
• Safe Rooms for rent

There is so much more but I’d run out of room to put it all here. Come join us and help make this more than just Conan!

I am currently looking for a ruler for each Alliance and a Champion to protect them. These roles come with Magic Crowns with their own buffs

Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1261931524
Connect: steam://connect/
Website: https://warlockwarz.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/kUEGDv

Are all the wizards going to start steaming like they did in the past?

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If anyone is interested, yes this server is open and accepting new members.

We have updated all mods and Quests and we are currently looking for 2 Rulers to get the Kingdoms starting to expand.

Let me know if you have questions.