Warriors, merchants and architects! the exalted lands wants you!

Brutal and relentless PvP. A vibrant merchant economy. Stunning architecture by our master-
builders. This is EXALTED LANDS!

Intense PvP - No raids without warnings. No safe zones (except for merchant buildings). No territorial system. Play as an independent, or ally yourself with larger warring clans. Worldwide conflict!

Safe environment for merchants and RP architects - Admin protects the structures of our vibrant merchant and RP architectural community.

Mods - We run a limited number of the best mods to the game, all compatible, affording our community a rich creative experience.

No grinding - Our base harvest/exp rate is 3x and we adjust it from time to time and offer discounts on basic items to minimise mind-numbing grinding.

High level cap - Our level cap is an awesome 300!

Brand new start - as a result of Funcom’s latest patch, our server has just been wiped. This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor with everyone else!

Diplomacy is important - More advanced players will be interested in extending you protection during your vulnerable first weeks as you gather materials and level-up. Reach out to your fellow Exiles - seek help!

Code of Conduct is enforced - Griefing, taunting, insulting, belittling, exploiting or downright cheating will get you shown the door before you know what hits you. Conan is a struggle amongst warriors, not wild animals.

PC version only
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ezydWvq
Direct Connect -