Weapon loot during surges has no damage

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Started a Surge at the Leyshrine of the Drowned and all of the weapon loot has a damage of 0 or 1. For example, I had a momentum drop and it had a damage of 0. All do the weapons still have no damage. Can someone fix this? Thank you!! Other than that, I’m tired of having to reset the game every half hour or so because it gets too lagged out. I’m being attacked by people across the room and my thralls disappear. Also, please come up with a better way of letting us know when you are taking down the server. Thank you!!

Greetings CRASHandSMASH!
Thank you for reporting your situation.

In order for our team to properly assist you, please provide us further information following the below Bug Report Template:

We’ll be awaiting your report!