Weird graphic bug, I need help

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

Graphic issue that cause a “burning shadow” when moving camera

Bug Reproduction:

Hello everyone, sorry if I don’t use the forum correctly, I’m very new to this ^^ (and also french)
So I bought Conan Exiles yesterday after playing few hours with a friend on PS4 because I prefer PC for gaming alone. My problem is very weird and I don’t know how to describe it but when I move the camera or I walk, everything around me have a weird shadow like its burning the screen.
I uploaded a video on YouTube to see what I am talking about, but I cant post the link here, and I can’t take screenshot of the bug because the motion blur on the video makes it impossible to see when I pause.
I don’t know how to do to solve this, if anyone can help we I would be very grateful :smile:
Thanks you and have a nice day


Greetings Rato-Kun!
Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our forums!

We’ve granted permissions to you in order for you to be able to share links and videos with us.
As such, please do ahead and share the youtube video link here so that we may investigate your situation :slight_smile:

We’ll be waiting for your reply!


Hello ! I am really sorry for the late answer, the past 7 days were really exhausting for me :pensive:
So here I am, back with the YouTube link of the screen capture I made on Conan Exiles :

I don’t know if I’m blind or something but I actually don’t see anything wrong in your video

Well… I was about to try to explain you the problem but then I changed the youtube tab to my second screen and it doesnt appear… I think it is an issue from my screen setting but I don’t understand because it only appears on Conan, and apparently the screen captur of the game :sweat_smile:

Sooooo I recorded my screen with my phone to show what it looks like, I’ve never seen such a thing like that on my screen and I don’t understand where it could come from :confused:
If you want to take a look :
So I know its painful to look at but I hope now you can see what I am talking about

I thought you were going to show something like this which has happened to me a few times on Siptah (official) - can see that “hot spots” where the image temp seems really warm on some assets on your second video - looks annoying. But this black blob I get on my screen on Siptah takes the cake:

In my case the only graphic issue I have is that textures take a bit too long to be loaded, so they are purple… I think it my be my PC though

Iv had that happen too when was on the Siptah map to but I ended up narrowing it down to cinematic mode once I turned that off I never had the issue ever again. Honestly I don’t see the difference between cinematic and ultra settings.

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It happens on the Exiled lands too.
Only an exit and restart helped.

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Guessing here, but did you try changing the “motion blur” setting?
Settings → Video ->4th line from the top.

What cables do you use for 1st and 2nd screen?
Did you try playing the game on 2nd screen?
Are your screens comparable in quality (age, resolution, refresh rate, matrix)?
(I will presume not)

No need to share that info if you do not wish to, but maybe look for answers to my questions. Results may appear.

Interesting, in almost 8000 hours of gameplay I’ve never seen it once on Exiled Lands but has happened maybe 10 times on Siptah. Maybe we have hardware differences that lead to it triggering differently.

I’ll give that a try, I agree - difference between Cinematic and Ultra hardly noticeable, especially if switching to Ultra cures that issue.

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That magenta/purple/pink ghost before assets pop in is not just you, it got far worse around Age of Sorcery Ch 1 from memory - when graphics were “optimised” :slight_smile:

How do you guys play in cinematic or ultra, Idk what’s happening but it used to work perfectly fine for me but with every chapter my fps have been going down and I’m playing in low settings now to get like 70 fps

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Hi and welcome Rato-Kun, are you referring to these kind of after images?

I’d also like to ask if you’re using any mods? (Did you load anything from the Steam workshop?)

This here is actually what you get when either your GPU overheats or the vram is running out. Restarting the game usually solves this. It’s more prominent on Siptah because Funcom started using different graphics effects with this map and made it therefore more straining for older set ups.

Hello eveyone, thank you all for your answers!
I have two screens completly differents (one very old and one brand new, BENQ and Odyssey G5) and my GPU has only one HDMI and 3 Display Port, so I was using the HDMI for my second screen and the Display Port for the main screen.
I tried switching the cables and it appears that the issue is almost not happening anymore: there’s still a litte white border appearing when moving the camera very fast but it is now a lot more playable. Maybe it is the cause of my problem.
The only inconvenient is that the screen with HDMI will be the bios display screen but it doesnt matter that much.
However I want to thank you all for trying to help me!
Merci :heart:

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