Welcome to Official 1094 PvP server!

Looking forward for new players on 1094 Official PvP server!

Here we have 15+ good guys who always help you if you need it. We are friendly and never raid people who come to just build or RP.
If you try to find something for chill or just start and learn this game, but you’re too bored on PvE, so welcome! Really hope that someone join to our friendly server.

Hey,We are a active group on a modded server,why dont you guys give it a try?I guarantee we will make it very fun for you guys .Jump in voice on our discord and I will explain. https://discord.gg/tPeDmZN

Maybe because ppl wanna play on official too?

I am inviting you .Im not burning down official servers.

And im inviting you.

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And I am accepting invite :slight_smile:

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thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Heya :smiley:

New player here, looking for an official server to get started on. Please excuse me for being a total newb but how do I find your server?


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You can find it by number 1094 :grinning:


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