What is wrong with this forum?

I just see that almost none of the threads on these forums have any replies whatsoever. The amount of interaction here is basically nil. What does that mean for this community? Do even the developers and publishers have no interest in fostering some form of togetherness? This really does not garner interest for future cooperation with either…

It is a single player game.

Not sure if that’s irony or not, but forums for single-player games over 20 years old (Deus Ex, for example) have hundreds of times the traffic as this forum does. Even little indy free-to-play single-player games (ToME, DCSS) see hundreds of times the traffic. This is a ghostland that puts Mutant Year Zero in a bad light.

Make the assumption that this forum is busy for a moment. How would you be contributing to the community yourself?

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The devs literally dont give af… why would players?