What's happening with decay?

Short story, one player claimed a zone with a chain of foundations. I destroyed some of the foundations thinking that if 1-2 (sandstone) foundations were divided from the rest, their decay timer would have lowered, but it stays at 168 hours.

I remember before the followers II update that the decay timer lowered in a similar case… is it a bug or am i missing something?

I believe that even if you separate buildings that used to be connected with foundations, they retain the same, shared decay timer. I haven’t tested this myself, though, but that’s what the older boys have told me.

You can test this for yourself.

  1. Go into single player and make yourself admin.
  2. Make a really long line of foundations.
  3. Remove all of the foundations between the first and the last.
  4. Use ~ to pull down the console and type BuildingIdentify while pointing at one of the foundations.
  5. Now compare the Buildable ID that you got with the one you get when you do the same with the other foundation.
    Buildings with the same ID have the same decay timer.

I’m starting to understand how that works. Separating the buildings is useless, but destroying a major part of the foundations in the end should result in lowering the decay time, because the total of buildings with the same ID decreases, is that right?

Thank you very much for the clear explanation :slight_smile:

I saw in the conan wiki that:

Returns building information; requires admin mode.

  • Buildable ID: xxxx, Owner ID: yy, Owner Name: zzzz, Pos: (coordinates), Actor: (devkit path).
  • Buildable ID: xxxx can be used to determine if structures are connected for decay purposes; if disconnected, xxxx will change.

It says that if the structures are disconnected their ID should change, so is this actually a bug anyway?

I wouldn’t know that last part, they might have changed that intentionally for a few reasons i can think about like for instance your building is partially destroyed in pvp wich caused the hallway to be disconnected from the main house. Now you rebuild it, would it then go back to the original ID or would you have 1 connected building with two ID’s?
I checked in single player by quitting the game and logging back on just to see if a server restart would give it a different ID but that was not the case.

The decay timer afaik depends on a mix between buildingsize and your presence.
I used to think that it was a black and white, either you were there and it would be at the max time for the build or you would not be there and it would go down on the decay timer.
But i have found out that a small build i have that started with 35 hours decay can get loaded to 167 hours by being close for a long time (its within render distance of the castle i am building)

It’s simply how the game’s database works. If you snap a block to an existing block, it is placed on the same Building record in the database, and I’m not aware of any mechanic in the game that can move a block from one Building record to another.

Furthermore, since decay time for structures is handled at the Building level, that’s why blowing up the middle of a decay runner still allows the buildings at both ends to still share the same decay timer: as far as the database is concerned, they are the same building because they are on the same Building record.

The amount of heavy-lifting that would be required of the game’s database to split records to conform with how we as players logically think of buildings would probably be terrible for server performance, and I’d be apprehensive about how robust it would be.


Mhm are we sure that it would be so heavy for the database? I mean, it’s possible for sure.

Anyway thank you all for your answers :slight_smile: it really helped me

Sometimes it takes the server restart befor the game realised the change of decay time. Though if the building pieces are still close enough to one another even when not connected it can still treat them with the same decay times

Just in case you are interested:

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