When is the next version coming out?

As this is one is a hard no with all the bugs.

Do you mean version 3.0? They have said that on the 21st we will get more information so we “may” know then.

Wow that was one rather long incoherent diatribe of meaninglessness.

Yes and if wishes were horses we’d all be eating steak.

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Ps. Steak comes from cattle. I suppose you could always ride the horse to a butcher shop and buy a steak…thatd work.

:woman_facepalming: It’s a quote from Firefly.

Steak can also refer to a large cut of meat from animals other than cattle, including horses.

Jayne knows what he is talking about. Well… this time. :wink:

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It comes from cattle shortages in europe as a origin, if i remember that correctly. Its eas meat for those that could not afford to pay a premium at the time. Butchers that sold horse didnt advertise my hanging the word horse. Instead they used a figurine or painting of a horse to indicate they also sold horse meat…

Holy cow this thread went sideways quick…

Honestly. Does that look like a valid reason? There are posts about movies and quotes. Post unrelated to the platform in question, just biting replies that go nowhere, and my refund post is off topic?

Still loling


Thread has gotten a little off track. We don’t have an exact release date to offer at this time, but the target is Q3 2022.

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