When will 3.0 update hit on ps4?

Hello when will 3.0 update hit PS4? I see Xbox and PC are already Updated but nothing is happening with ps4…


never ever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::open_mouth::grin:i think playstation patch time is at 4 pm german time

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My wife was playing about a hour ago and the US server’s 20 minutes warning hits so looking like updates on server. Nothing on the console yet.

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Well that will be awkward if the server gets updated before the game does.

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Woop woop I got the ding on my PS4!


3 more hours to load. My wife says 6 hours and has corrupted data screen also never seen that.

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She may need to reindex her PS4. Have her try this:

Plug your controller into the PS4 via its USB cable. You’re going to be booting into Safe Mode so it’ll look a little weird.

  1. Shut down the PS4.
  2. Press and hold power for 7 seconds. (Console will beep after a few seconds, then a second beep past the 7-second mark. Once you hear Beep 2, let go of Power Button.)

System will load into Safe Mode.

  1. Press the PS button on the controller.
  2. Select Option 5, Rebuild Database.

Good luck!

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Thanks it seems to have cleared up looks like she accidentally tried to save to the cloud her settings for offline game I erased. Will do what you suggested if it comes back. Thank you very much

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Ps screen shot the directions

Remote play worked and update in coming.

Biggest concern on my end is apparently PS5 did an update today as well. I hope the two updates play nice together.

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Anyone actually get it to work?

Have people on our private server now
Good so far could hours more down load for us

Are they reporting any of the issues that the forum is showing? Invisible inventory, character body parts, or NPCs?

Now I get a message things are missing. Will go on when downloading is complete and perhaps restart server

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