When will the magic system be added?

Will they add magic?

Not true. A simple mana close range spell could be use. If mana was added. Of course it a very weak damage spell. 5 points of damage max.

Nah they’ll just give you a witch doctor thrall that uses all the spells you want to use but can’t lol

Then all a mage user would need is health and stamina. We would need corruption pits. When you die all corruption is removed. A Intelligence,mana regen and mana system weakens the health and physical stats of a sorcery user.

Right now you can have 30 STR/Vit/End and 25 in grit. That isn’t a weakens physical sorcery user.

Corruption is a dumb idea for sorcery. Stay in corrupted spots for unlimited resource.

I’m pretty sure what he meant was that doing magic would cause you to become corrupted.

:smiley: They kinda have already, but the Conan genre doesn’t really acknowledge magick, other than more a religious or animalism/cabalistic way. Witchcraft too. There is a little interpretive ‘sorcery’ as well. But, it is not really likely that formal D&D-style/WoW/Sabrina magic is likely. Let’s see…

Magic fireballs, poison clouds, enchanted arrows and weapons, magic blessings and healing, magic portals, curses and demonic possessions - all are already in the game.

Unfortunately, what is Not in the game, and I think it should be, is for specific player classes being only able to create certain potions or objects. Like specialise as an archer and you buff archer skills mainly, etc.

Well, the game doesn’t have classes in the first place, so… it’s not surprising there’s no dedicated sorcerer class :smiley: I know you meant specialization in terms of attributes and armaments but that really is very different from a class system.

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Can you imagine the level of screaming if the generic class we have now was split into sub-classes :rofl: The screams would wake the dead.

On further thinking, and based on the books, Sorcerer classes would be a great addition as they are in the main super-squishy and therefore a great source to be plundered :smiley: Just keep hitting that shield till it breaks and choppy-chop goes the head soon thereafter.

The magic system initially proposed during Early Access was one based on corruption where you’d buff/debuff, summon things like demons and undead(we can make undead now though), and shapeshift into things like werewolves and werehyena’s(again orignally the reason those models were added).

It WAS an intended feature for the game, which is why you see such a cluster of corrupted areas in the desert biome, though quite a few of these have been removed/revamped. The two things left for a complete envisioning of the original magic system are the ability to curse/hex with buffs and debuffs, and shapeshifting, then tie those and the systems already implemented into the existing corruption system, such as the undead minions requiring the player to be corrupted to craft and such.

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Doubt it would make it to their priorities list. It would be nice though (hopeful) but realistically don’t expect to see it

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