Where to find regular elephants?

On a whim I decided to get myself an elephant to carry iron and stone and whatnot when I’m out gathering. Naturally my plan was to make him a caravan elephant.

Unfortunately, all the baby elephants that I’ve found so far have been antediluvian elephants, which you can’t convert to caravan elephants. So where are the plain old, regular, everyday nothing special about them elephants?

As a side note I’m having similar issues with rhinos. Wanted to try a rhino mount so went and got a few baby rhinos. Put them in the pen, waited for them to mature and they all turned into greater rhinos. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can’t even find a regular rhino calf, only Siptah rhino. There are people on my server who managed to get it, but I don’t know how to get it to spawn, because it doesn’t seem to be a regular, guaranteed spawn, unlike the foals.

Don’t know if it helps, but the ones I’ve found have been just a little way north of the Leyshrine of the Demon. They seem fairly guaranteed because I visited it three times and found a calf in the same spot each time.

But like I said, they all went and turned into greater rhinos so I don’t actually know for certain that they are the ones you can ride.

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Oh, I’m not looking to ride them. I heard that it’s like riding a whale, compared to a horse :laughing:

I just want a caravan rhino. I’ll let you know if I run into any vanilla elephant babies.

Ok, I need to make a little clarification here. Just barely north of the leyshrine is some siptah rhinos, and there is a calf spawn there. The rhinos I was talking about are a little further north, just to the right of where the smugglers run sandy area starts.

Northwest corner of G10.

I’m pretty sure they are the regular rhinos. They are grey, not brown.


they spawn around where grey rhino spawns I have two spots I visit regularly so far I got 4
it’s approx G10/11 and J9/10

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I have got a few baby rhinos (the normal vanilla type) but I have not seen a baby elephant outside of the summoned surges. I’ve also got quite some baby camel drops from the wild surges.

The baby elephants I’ve been able to find all came from the area west of the elephant graveyard, which is north of the tower in case you don’t know.

It’s a pretty sizeable area to search though, and like I said before, they seem to all be the antediluvian variety, which can’t be converted to caravan elephants.

If you just need a carrier for when harvesting, you can also go to the castaway camp on the north island, there’s a trader at the entrance who sells camel calves for 10 gold coin :slight_smile:

Elephant graveyard for elephants , K10 siptah ascension for rhinos - KILL adults to get babies spawn …

Kinda missing the point there guys. If I just wanted a pack mule, I’ve got loads of options.

But if I wanted a caravan elephant, which is a DLC item that you have to pay for, the critical component in order to get it seems to be missing from the Isle of Siptah.

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As I said I have not seen vanilla baby elephants roaming around but I have seen vanilla baby elephants in specific surges. Pretty much every spawned surge spawns or drops specific baby pets. They might not be easy to obtain but they are in the game.

If you want to test, spawn a T4 surge on West.

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