White tiger pet missing after update

After the update last night on PS4, my wife lost her White Tiger (3 skull) pet.

It was fully healthy etc over 8200 strength / white eyes etc etc and now gone.

She wont stop moaning about losing it. Any help please? lol

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White Tiger pet is missing after update was a duplicate of this thread (blank). I asked a mod to close it.

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My panther and 1 thrall dissapeared too. They where on a platform so i dismantled carefully 2 blocks and yes there they where :sweat_smile: hopefully its the same problem

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Hey @eSean

Could you check your event log and see if there’s an entry about tiger? It most likely returned home, which is its last designated guarding spot.


It was the same problem mate lol

It was found, half way across the map, buried inside the walls of the house that the wife built :confused:

She had to knock the walls down to get it out.

Many thanks to everyone for all your suggestions/input.

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