Why are official servers going down every single night this week?

Me and a buddy play on 7089 pve-c official server, this is the 3rd night in a row around the exact same time where the server has gone down. It stays down for 30 mins to an hour. What keeps happening? Can we please get some better support and server stability?
Also is an isle of siptah map


2132 goes down nightly too pve, around 5-5:30pm nightly but I also saw it at 1:30pm it disconnects me then doesn’t show in server list for able 45minutes to an hour. Tried all the trouble shooting from my end and it’s not me nor you.

Seems like a character inventory asset error trigging it. Normally mega high encumbrance on me or dead bodies with loot it the field.

Wanting to buy battle pass but with this persistent issue, I’m not sure I can. XoXo love the game

Don’t servers restart every 24ish hours in which you get kick.

Yes 5:15 local and they give you a warning before it happens. It’s not a restart but good idea.

on some pc and playstation servers every night and some times the entire day we cant pass through the loading screen. Every day. May there are some relation the problem seens to be spreading.

Experienced this now for the second time since my op. This is literally ruining this game for me. Im afraid to leave my base because of these server drops. Who wants to spend an extra hour just trying to get back into the game after youve gone across the map. This is frustrating af

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