Why can't I play SP offline?

So… i got into Conan recently, bought exiles and IoS, went online to a friends server and all good, enjoyable game and sounds like some amazing modders doing good work to keep it new. My internet went down for a few hours this morning and tried playing SP. turns out that i CANT PLAY OFFLINE. what type of skullduggery is this? whats the intention? i just dont get it…


Oh, and good luck getting an awnser from the staff lol

Nice one for the info and good idea lol, and yes, i already heard the staff dont give a s**t, just wanted to post anyway at my frustration in buying a game i cant play my way. Gracias


That does not sound right that they do that. I mean you paid for it. Is it because it’s they sell it as a download to pc instead of a disk?

Can’t agree more. It is asinine that solo play requires a connection. Seems to be the way things are going lately.

Leave a review in steam - that is the only way you can really influence (in a small way) the overall trend in locking SP into an internet connection.

That’s a general trend with video games in general these days, and one reason why I tend to get all my games from GOG if at all possible - they’re DRM-free. The Paradox Store sulks every time I launch Age of Wonders: Planetfall, but lets me play anyway. So in this small way, I’m voting with my wallet.

I’m aware that it’s not a solution to this problem, but Conan Exiles in Steam store lists “broadband Internet connection” in their system requirements. So at least they tell us that connection is needed to play, no matter how asinine it feels.

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