Why does my server go offline each day for like 4 hours 1212 official

I play official 1212 pc via the Xbox game pass each day around 4pm/5pm my server will crash for around four hours I have reported it now twice but yet no fix?

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sv 1069 dont work , 999 ping 20 hours later… dont work…
and i join another server with 30 players and the same shit… server restart and i cant join again 0/40 players 999 ping sv 1212

Official server #1212 PvP - g-portal.com",IPAddress=“”,Port=28200
Official server #1069 PvP - g-portal.com",IPAddress=“”,Port=28200

i leave the conan few years ago because the devs/funcom are trash full bugs game glitchs and more shit… and i start playing few days ago on siptah and you cant learn the 99% of the important blueprints… and cant move you character to another server because ITS BUG… more bugs… start again on the old map and now this shit?? usseles company funcom , time to unnistal this trash.

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