Why there is a lot of banning in official servers!

Players prefer to ban players who disturb or do not follow Funcom’s rules.
With new technologies there is no more dialogue, why? because we are more used to doing it. So we took the easy way out: send a ticket to Zendesk support. Is it cowardice? A certain inferiority complex? Or maybe selfishness? Would you if you played in real life on a sports team?
If most people play games it’s for fun, and to decompress from real life problems.

When I read the topics for banishment in this forum, it confirms my statements.

Of course we can’t love everyone, but as human beings it’s our duty to respect them, even if we don’t have direct contact with people.
If you had an ounce of humanity you wouldn’t act the way you do.
Thank you for reading me.

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Funcom doesn’t take the proper time or effort to check every case, they just ban and leave it that way. It happened to me, I wasn’t playing the game, It was during the new world game release, I was playing only new world and I got permanently banned in conan official servers, I’m still trying to understand how was that even fair.

In my case, this is my second ban, but supposedly for another reason, I think I know who the author is.
1st ban: Abuse of the construction system preventing access to part of the game (two weeks ban). When I came back, I rebuilt my base in the same place but twice as small as the first one.
Second Ban: Harass or bully other players through the chat channel (one month ban).
I play in this server almost 2 years. I sent two tickets to Funcom support a few days ago. The first concerns the total duration of my two bans which does not correspond to Funcom’s rules. The second, a ban request to a clan on the server who believes that I harassed him by politely speaking to him twice on the same subject and joking, While he called me an idiot. I have nothing to lose by doing this because I will lose everything (base, materials, thralls, pets…) coming back from my banishment. I only take the risk.
I believe Funcom should change its rules of conduct. Because I think it’s not entirely Funcom’s fault. But also those of the players who take advantage of the possibility of banishing people they don’t like or that they don’t want in the server.

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