Wild Surges bugged

Some times you have a Wild Surge icon on the map. Get there, standing right under the icon and NO Wild Surge ! Also Wild Surges taking place on top of Hostile areas defeats the purpose. By the time you get there. The thralls are DEAD or in process of dying by the hostile mobs close by.


I can confirm this, too.

Is this happening in single player, the thralls not dropping? I have had it on single player but never on a server. Regarding the thralls being eaten by the wild animals, I can only say, it has been a very annoying experience from day one.

This kind of Posting are many times on other comments, too

as example i also wrote the same

I hope this is working on

If the Blue Icon on the Map do not have his Storm anymore (you can see it from afar), then its empty. Just a ghost on the Map. Why nor combine a check with the Storm? Because the Storm seems smarter then the Blue Icons

You can see the storm until you get close. Then the storm vanishes and nothing.

Seems like they die more often than not. Either to the creatures right next to them, or if they have demon orbs they kill themselves and all their friends before you can knock one

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