Will you guys help me flush out an idea?

So I was thinking about renting a 70 person server, locking it with a password. This may have been done, i am still learning the game.

FInding 6 10 person clans and having a competion to see who wins. It can not be based on who wipes who. But maybe based on resources. You need to gather x y and z to be decalred a winner.

Clear rules will be posted. If any member of your clan scripts/cheats you all lose. Keep it natural game play.

Reset the serve every 60 days and start again.

Goals will need to be achievalble but difficult for a 60 day period.

Just throwing ideas on the ground and kicking them around. Let me know if its a workable idea or if its a horrible idea.

Would there be general interest in this type of competetion?

I have tossed this idea around in my head as well. sort of a Conan Exiles League so to speak. I would start smaller (cheaper :slight_smile: ). maybe 4-5 person clans, an 20-30 person server.
Give different items different point values for endgame. sort of a living board game of sorts. If you own this area of land, then you get x points. If you own the most of this type of thrall you get x points. Etc.

Oh thats BRILLINT.

Look up a board game called small world. I am a pretty avid board gamer, never once thought of basing ideas on board game rules. That both simplifies and complicates things.

Can assign a custom and unique thrall as “The King” or 'Queen" of any player tribe as a figurehead. If that thrall ever dies, that tribe loses.

The last surviving figurehead wins the Iron Throne :stuck_out_tongue:

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Limit it clan sizes to 1/8 to 1/10 of the max server size. So max of 7 per clan if 70 max on server or 5 if maximum of 40.

Just compete by who can collect the most gold coins so even solo players can compete. Finding coins, making your own, or looting them from other players could be allowed until it was time to check in. Only coins would count. Not bars, not dust, nor anything else, just coins.

Any coins used for the check in would be confiscated and destroyed. It should be a blind check-in. No one knows how many coins the other teams submitted until afterwards. None can be added after the fact, and coins not used for the check-in can be kept for the next check in. Check in could happen every 2 weeks.

Team who came in first would gain 3 points, second would get 2 points, third would get 1.5 points, and everyone that participates in the check in gets 1 point. The last check in would be worth triple points. The winner would be the one who has the most points after the last check in.

Hey sincerely wanting to know if in the title you wanted to say “flesh out” and not “flush out” ? Autocorrect might be having fun with you my friend. There can be a big difference in meaning here and it looks like in the body of your post you meant flesh not flush.

On topic: The idea you have sounds fun and worth a try.

This has me thinking about doing this. giving out a demon queen to each “empire” and they have to build around that queen. Each time a queen dies, points are distributed to the teams that still have theirs.

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