Workbench-Thralls are static after the update

Game mode: [Online private (modded)]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

After the update most of my thralls at their workbenches are static/motionless, they do not move anymore. I have to take them away from the workbench and place them again, after which they move again.
When I am away from the workbenches (out of render distance) and come back, some are motionless again.
This is not consistent behavior, though, it does not always happen to the same thralls.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Go to your workbenches
  2. Have a look at the thralls
  3. Notice that some are not moving (most obvious with a blacksmith)

I have the following mods on my server:
Emberlight 2.0.6
Tier4 Thralls - Half Increased Spawn
Pythagoras Support Beams
Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh

Perhaps it is one of these mods?


I have none of these mods and the same problem.

I am on XBOX and have the same issue.

I have the same problem as the OP. Seems to be update related.


Did a fresh server install and restored game.db. Problem persists. Seems to be update related.

Hey @Starwalker

We tried to reproduce that issue on our end but so far had no luck in doing so. Could you try without using mods and see if it happens? @ZevLexx suggests this does happen without mods, but we used all three platforms and so far had no success in trying to replicate this problem.
Thanks in advance.

Yesterday when I checked out after the patch, I found these small glitches online. the workers where standing, doing Nothing. I put them out of the wb and back in and all was fine. affected were the Alchemist & a “Zimmermann”. I forgot it, until I read this thread, which showed me it is obvious platform independant and happened to other people too.

I am not sure what will happen to a few structures if I switch of the Pythagoras support beams. Neither do I know what will happen to all players on my server that are above Lvl 60 if I switch off the Paragon leveling.
Thus I’d rather not try that…

@Apollonia, do you have any mods at all?

Edit: I can try on a vanilla private server, but this will take some time (i.e. leveling up and getting thralls)…

Cross referencing the same thread from Steam. Several vanilla players and at least one on an official pvp player having this exact issue.

As a test I dropped all mods from my private server, and restarted it.

Issue still remained. When I logged in, thralls where still static. I took one off of their station and replaced them, and they started working.

I then left the area of my base to be out of drawing distance. I returned and the thrall was stuck in the static position once again.

I play on official PvE server and have the same issue , All workbench thralls are static . Even when I took them out of workbenches and put them back , they were back to static again after a few moments

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Thank you for reporting this too, Nika.

For what it is worth, I am relieved that it is indeed affecting official PvE server players too (sorry for your misfortune.)

This way, FunCom can realize that it is mod agnostic.

As a data point, all my thralls are actively involved in their assigned tasks. Details:

  • Private server in a friend’s home
  • No mods
  • PvE
  • Map coords J5 and the Pagoda
  • North America



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Seems to me that there are as many or more reports from unmodded private or official server players at this point.

Appears to look away from being due to a mod.




I’m playing on an Official PvE server, and it’s the same with my thralls on both of my Steam accounts. Other players on the server have confirmed the same thing: crafting thralls have their animations frozen, but removing them and readding them to the bench makes the animations play once more.

Want me to take a video of the problem, @Ignasis?

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And my own:
LoR Server MKII
Tough Dogs MKII
SFX Combat Cue
Personal XP reduction

My mod adds recipes to the Alchemist, but that doesn’t explain why all crafter thralls have become static.

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@Ignasis: Recorded a video of it happening on #1502 to demonstrate that it is happening on unmodded official servers as well.

Recording started shortly after booting into the game, so there’s a 20 second delay as my base finishes loading. Of interest, you’ll note that hair physics is still animating even though the character models are not. Also dancers and fighters appear unaffected.

NOTE: I restarted the game immediately after this, and when I loaded in again, the crafters were all back to frozen.

As an additional test, I removed/replaced the crafters again, then maproomed to the Mounds obelisk and ran back. When I did this, the crafters I’d reset remained animated, while those that I didn’t reset remained frozen.


This is greatly appreciated, Larathiel. Thanks for submitting the video. This is an exact example of the problem I am having as well.


Additionally, as seen in the video of @Larathiel, the Carpenter-thrall is standing on the wrong side of the workbench. I experience the same, the lady appears inside a wall until I dismiss her from the workbench and then put her to work again.


Yes. This exactly regarding the Carpenter’s Bench. Exact same thing for me.

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