(x-box 1) Valhalla Rising - a land ruled by the law the steel (AN EXTENDED PLAY PVE-C CONAN SERVER)

Valhalla Rising: A server that encourages you to build the kingdom of your dreams and steal from your enemies - both strong or weak - we are ruled by the law of steel.

Whether you choose to build a base to rival the Admins, or spend your time grinding to raid your enemies; Valhalla Rising welcomes you.

We offer 24/7 PVP above the Newb River, as well as a player respected PVE 24/7 raid free zone south of it. This allows us to accommodate both style of players. But be careful; your enemies will know when you build in PvE and PvP. There can be no peace for the clan that lives in both.

With mandatory Discord participation for all players, our relaxed NON RP community is a strong tribe of mature, friendly players who enjoy the fun of a challenging raid and helping other players; giving us all a welcome escape from life and a group of like minded folks to play with. We also have jobs and families

  • and a few adopted children
  • and understand when life keeps you from the game.

-Paid Through December 20’ -Keep Loot On Death (Mon-Fri) -2X stamina -10X HP
-5x crafting and kill XP -Boosted harvest and respawn rates
-Boosted crafting speeds
-Weekend raid hours -Thievery highly encouraged on all buildings other than community centers or Admin buildings
-Clan max size 10
-2 Clan base limit W/ 2 additional thrall wheels. -A public trading & crafting center located in E7
-A fully stocked welcome center for our new players in G2
-Admin built PVP fighting arena with jousting lanes, and a coliseum for large-scale fights between clans.
-Active admins on daily in Discord and in game with a close community of players to help when needed.
Join our discord today and get to know us.

Valhalla Rising reminds you… To Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their lovers.
Server Name: Valhalla Rising Join the community on Discord: DISCORD.GG/VSqWrf8

This server sucked admins would rather cuss you out than talk to you I would just let the server die there’s so many other ones that are way better

This is a wonderful server. Very welcoming to noobs, and admins are nice and understanding.

I play daily with no issues :slight_smile:

would love to have you explain why you are feeling this way… open to sharing with people or private DM.//… but I think you are severely misrepresenting the server.

Thank you Sayaka!

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open slots…:wink:

Whitch region it is?
if there is a password on the server ?
Server name ?
Can i join ?

if there are still slots available ?