Xbox can’t even play it

I am enjoying the new update to Xbox, but my friend can not join any server without crashing. He has reinstalled the game and everything but the game still crashes for no reason. This is really hurting his look on the game since he can’t even play it. Can some please tell me how to fix this problem, because it is literally unplayable for him right now.

I don’t have a fix, but I’m having this same issue. I’ve been reporting it all in the Bug forum. If you don’t mind restarting, I was able to join a new server and play without crashing, but you both gotta start over from square 1.

We have tried other servers but the problem seems to be universal

Yeah I constantly crash after logging into the server I play on. SOmetimes takes 20 logins to get it to stop.
Just tonight lots of our bases just suddenly disappeared after a boom. It seems that Decay is bugged even though it was disabled.

Ugh that sucks. I was able to get on my crashing server this morning and stayed on for awhile. So much so that I was the one who logged out.

Then this afternoon the crashing came back.