Xbox Official PvP 0 hp on black ice doors

Game mode: Online pvp
Problem: Bug
Region: Everywhere

Title says it all. After the server reset 30 mins ago all our black ice doors are 0 / 25 000

We have had to replace all doors with Heavy Reinforced Doors which are not subject to this glitch.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. All black ice doors on 0 hp

Hello @R3KA5AND, this issue is likely only visual, meaning that they do have full HP even though the interface reports otherwise, did you happen to try to hit them to see if the value refreshed to a correct amount?

No we had them all replaced before pvp time. We tried picking them up and found they were acting if damaged, so replaced without hesitation. After the next server reset the remaining/unreplaced doors reverted to their correct state

We’ll forward these details to the team, should the issue manifest again do try to hit the pieces with 0 HP to check if they update to a correct value, and please don’t hesitate to share your findings with us.

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