Xbox officual pve-c 2506 Join Session Failed again

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Pve c 2506 failed to join server issue. Server need a restart. I filed a report to the server down at zendesk 2 hours ago… Eta?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’m getting the same issue as well I put in a lot of work and can’t join or report an issue

Yea it tends to happen weekly. Their is a link ill find it n repost it here that i got from one of the people here to report it but i know of 4 people who reported the server being down since 1pm est and nothing. Seems like they just wait for server to reset at normal time 5am then respond that its fixed or a few days go by an email saying thanks we checked this issue nut server appears to be running fine

Hello @TwiztdFresh0420, to report Official server issues reach out to us through Zendesk rather than through these forums.

As you’ve already submitted a ticket, please allow our team a couple of days to get back to you, thank you for understanding.