Xbox one Offline single player fatal bug. All the npc and monster simply are gone from the world!

Game mode: [Offline| Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Canada]

I started the game and wanted to continue where I left off, I went to see my bearer to command him to follow and notice it didn’t have any food and the life bar was dropping. I had left the game with everybody well fed with many stacks of food in the Thralls pot, roasted steaks and roasted hyenas. I tried to prevent my 6 thralls from dying and quickly put around 100 steak and 30 roasted elephant I add from inventory and they dissapeared instantly from the pot. I tried to give steaks directly to my bearer but the steaks dissapeared too as soon as I drop the food in her inventory. Before the bearer died, I existed the game to the game menu screen hoping that a restart would fix things, certainly something did not load properly, I thought… (I’m an analyst programmer myself) When I got back in the game, same problem. All the thralls died. But that is not all. I went outside my camp looked around and all the npc and monsters are gone from the world!! I visited many camps and roamed about all are empty. I took a lot of time to reach level 38 all for nothing!! how can I fix that??

Is there anyway to fix the game?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. no clue, the problem occured right after I loaded the game.
  2. After I fed the thralls and the food dissapeared, I tried to make more and cook more, but the food cooked almost instantly. There most be an issue with a timer that make the time pass too quickly so everyting died.

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