Xbox Patch 3.0.2 - Discussion Megathread

What grade were your thralls, and what level had you raised them up to? Purely out of curiosity…

All level 20 with epic heavy armor, most with telith sorrow and exotic meal for food. All fleshtearer, ravenger, spinus, and teimos. Really sad. Good thralls before update. Now might as well have them standing around doing emotes with each other till the purge comes and wipes them. Funny thing is, with the authority attribute, the thrall following me is better then before. So for not wanting the thrall to be the star of the show, kind of think they missed the mark on that one. Lol.

I try to play the game offline since I mostly do SP. Seems like it runs a little better, although all bugs are still in effect. I purchased a couple of items from the bazaar and surprise surprise, I don’t have access to them offline. Of course the larger issue here is: why do I have to find ways like playing offline just to make the game function as intended? I’ve uninstalled in the hopes that reinstalling will fix some bugs, since I started that game prior to sorcery update. But honestly I’m not in a hurry to reinstall even if it was a 100 percent guaranteed fix. There would still be endless tedious crafting and I still wouldn’t be able to take on many of the bosses in SP even with leveled up thralls. At this point I’m past the need to get something for all the money I’ve put in to something free on gamepass. I feel cheated. I can only imagine how folks that have invested years into playing this game must feel. Kinda seems like y’all ruined the game by trying to make it more profitable…

They will fix it. The question is how long? It could be weeks it could be months. But they will fix it. They just dont communicate well.

i play single player and honestly, i dont see that much of bugs, flying in bats? i dont care, thats a horrible idea, dont make sense to me, so i will not even try
but i know the game has bugs, when you are dragging a npc to your wheel the game crashes frequently, but this may be because i have 25 mods istalled, lol.
some advice, the game works better if installed in an ssd where the operational system is, i know… but trust me, it works better, maybe fix some problems :wink:

sorry, i did not see that this topic is about xbox (console)…
i play with gamepass, but on pc.
anyway, the tip works