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Patchnotes::news: Xbox Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery [Latest: 3.0.1 (2022.09.05)] - #8 by Ignasi

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Where are the patch notes

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Link to the new patchnotes pls. This are the previous ones

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So you guys at funcom dont care to fix the 30 min loadtime for structures and items when we first load into official server? We might have to finally give up on this game after 4 years. The game is more broken now than its ever been


Here’s why it’s important to get this right first time. I came back to the game when I heard age of sorcery had launched, still had it installed, but there was a 50gb patch.

I have slow internet, like, if I leave the Xbox running overnight I can get 10gb a day through the night.

So it took days to download the 50gb patch. When it finished, lo and behold I had another 43gb patch. And today? Having actually gotten to play the game for a few days, I discover there’s another 42gb patch.

Nearly 100gb of patches in the space of a week is ridiculous, and asking for a lot of patience from your consumers who aren’t on fibre broadband.

I hope there will be a facility to allow people to catch up with the battlepass.


I hope this fixes alot of the lag issues. The Rubberbanding. We getting patch notes?

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I read them on twitter they mostly focus on crom and bazar issues its sad really , i ask them to fix the light in the game i play also on pc diffrence is huge

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still t4 armorer not can craft legendary armor repairkits

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Accessing inventory kicks me to xbox dashboard even worse with the new update

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I dont think they should do any more big updates the game was playable and working then 3 0 came in like a train crash unbalanced magic is just wot we need. Should have just squeezed the shop in to make your cash

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Terrible camera tilt after flying with a bat. Have to relog to fix. What did you attempt to do here? Makes me feel sick just looking at how the camera tilts with the bat now, please change back / fix / add an option to disable it. Very motion sick because of it.

Edit: crashes still happen - seems to be connected to navigating through inventory

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Yea annoying. My game has kicked me out numerous times to main screen. :frowning:

They cant figure it out i guess. :frowning:

They definitely should’ve rolled out the updates bit by bit

To be fair i play on a series x on a official server and not get disconectet any time since 3.0 only 1 time but ther my internet was go down for a coupel minuts

I play on Xbox One X. Though I don’t seem to have the crashing issue there are numerous others. Here is a list of the ones I have found that seriously hinders my gameplay.

  1. Creatures not rendering. I.E. The ostriches near the Dregs, the white tiger near Crown Groves, the greater rocknose next to the Shattered Springs, and some of the event assets.

  2. In the new build system when changing from one tier to another the only piece that doesn’t work is fence foundations. It won’t highlight an existing one to be upgraded.

  3. With the new option to move placeables the religion shrines register themselves and gives the “the is another of this kind too close” message. This should be fixed so shrine positioning can be fine tuned.

  4. Lastly with the changes to player and thrall stats. There are now numerous options for players attacking player bases and absolutely no effective means to defend. I have tested and even a group of 3 level 20 thralls can only withstand about 3 full combos from a player before all 3 are dead. Thralls are no longer a legitimate deterrent from raiding players. I suggest an alernative such as automated defensive structure weapons (ballista, spike traps, pitfalls, so on).

Sorry so long but all in all great work with the new content and I look towards the next “Age” with great enthusiasm. ( “Age of Gods” cough cough)

hello, it’s ok, the game still keeps closing, I just enter so my base doesn’t fall and I can’t get my things just press start the game closes after 10 minutes too

Booted to dashboard for the sin of looking through chests in my base and for daring to approach the black galleon. These happened multiple X but it happens randomly too. (Single player on XB one X) Textures can take a long time to load, character clipping through some mountains, sometimes whole environments dont appear right away

I have seen 3 purges since the update, in all 3 the thralls guarding the base were all dead by the third wave. I can appreciate Funcom views of not wanting thralls to be the star of the show, but if they cant even defend an easy purge down by noob river, could Funcom at least remove the thrall cap so we have a chance to defend our bases?