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Patchnotes: :news: Xbox Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery [Latest: 3.0.1 (2022.09.05)] - #10 by Ignasi

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How long will it take to update in the gamepass on PC?


Where is the update for Xbox App users on PC? Micrsoft Store tells me the latest version is installed but it is 41337.634.8340.0

Updated, first play crashed within 30 seconds.

So I am guessing the fixed crashing… didn’t actually fix crashing.

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Ok this is kind of sad but for the sake of constructive feedback I feel compelled to point this out.

I have been checking the CE forum every night since the 3.0 release. That being said while reading the 3.0.3 update patch notes I noticed ONLY 1 of the 4 primary player complaints was addressed and fixed. That was the OP lightning storm spell. The other 3 are not even mentioned they being:

  1. The watcher items from the twitch drops not working.

  2. Bazaar item descriptions being misleading. (Not of my concern by complained about frequently)

  3. Base defense. Practically impossible now that thralls are all but useless.

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For Xbox PC players, do we need to do something to initiate the update? Because it’s supposedly been live for several hours now.

Well my game revision went from #411914/34793 to /35000 so I guess that means the patch was added but for me nothing has changed as I still cannot get into my game at all. Thanks for that. 34 days and counting. When will this issue be addressed please?.

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Other notable issues:

Xbox Series X
New build post 3.0 drop

Restart into lock after crash (can’t skip, after cinematic stops at black screen) funnily enough during this the Unreal logo doesn’t stutter)

Greater Shalebacks, cats (all) invisibility. Can just see eyes of SB, eyes and ruff of cats.

Server settings sometimes don’t apply, then start working days later. Specifically crafting time and spoil rates.

Poitan Footman armour has missing textures legs.

Missing terrain textures, texture load in lag failure, Sep is a good example as items are persistently missing.

General framerate drops, banding.

Game tweak window still there.

Mobs dropping through foundations 3.02?

Construction, when placing an object the game will often place the item, switch to delete, delete it and then go back to a reset placement. All I one click of the shoulder button.

Item deletion is very sensitive, often leading to deleting items rather than placing (bug or button hold delay increase needed?)

Grass reappears through placed items, cobblestone path)

Is the bazaar supposed to rotate, still showing hunters camp etc, I know the new items are in game already I presume for the next switch.

I did try MP, PVE official and it didn’t crash whether that was coincidence I don’t know, but the lag online is pretty much unplayable.


Still waiting for Xbox game pass to update to the new patch, any ideas when this will happen? i would like to play again

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They do be triflin’… look like y’all need to uninstall and reinstall to pick up the new patch sugar :wink:

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Thank you Miss Nintertra Gamecube


Terrible outcome and impact from sorcery patch.

Any plans to start testing the patches before they are released? Destroying ce with every patch, this cannot be the best method to apply patches. The impact to the community is irreversible. This is what? 30 or more updates in the life of console ce? None have been implemented without a loss of players due to the impact from the untested effects. Over 4 years of this same tripe, please make some kind of statement. Tell the players if it is impossible to patch ce without destruction, and let people decide if they want to stick around. Instead of tricking people into buying a game that doesn’t work, never has, and most likely will never work.

Please dont ignore the chance to comment, or ignore the problem. Thats how things never get fixed. Its like closing your eyes to ignore a manure pile, what about the overwhelming presence of the aroma? Trying to ignore something dosent make it go away.

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Hi, I am still constantly crashing.

SP, Xbox Series X

I’ve narrowed it down to most occur when accessing inventory. Moving items from personal inventory to chests or stations. Navigating inventory contents in stations and chests.

It does crash at other times, but it is highly likely those crashes are also caused by inventory updates, it could be down to food spoiling.

30 seconds into starting my save it crashed was checking different chests. It seems to really not like opening inventories one after the other.

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This is also a big problem on PS4. Main issues are accessing inventory, interacting with storage chests, accidentally tabbing across BattlePass/Challenges. And any use of sorcery wand.

I realize this is an Xbox thread, but it has helped me in the past to hear my console was not the only one suffering, so far sounds like PS4 is worst, PS5 has almost no issues, and PC is amazing. If Funcom chooses to no longer support a console the community should be warned before downloading a game breaking update which for PS4 this definitely has been.

100% this *points up to @MakeItBetter *

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At least there are others in the same boat. Console life with fc just sucks.

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