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Patchnotes: :news: Xbox Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery [Latest: 3.0.4 (2022.10.19)] - #11 by Dana

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Wish they would fix the server restarts. Restarts at 5am…came back at 5:15…logged in…disconnected moments later for another server restart. Only need 1 restart i would think.

Update: bug report filed

Has the no jump bug been acknowledged , and when is it going to get fixed? Seems to only happen when you have double jump .

Only way to reset the jump that I’ve found is to change your height (basically fall off something). This doesn’t help in a flat base

Have you fixed the bug that crashes the game whenever you access inventory (player, horse and thrall)? I’m not paying any money for new dlc until I know the game is at least stable

Edit: Allow me to answer my own question… Ofc you haven’t


What about zombies equipping armor and weapons? Or how they still can’t fix mantling over things? Or how about how when you map room or leave a dungeon your captured thrall vanishes, or how about how they fall through the mesh? Oh or how thralls just stand around and don’t register enemies unless your literally right next to them? Or how they won’t attack? I could do this all day…

Xbox has no updated version and can’t enter the server!!!

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Minimal fixes. Nothing important. Somebody has been crafting something on the cheap, a bookcase held too much, some other fixes for equally lame bugs. Nothing that helps performance.

Sadly, all but the bugs related to new content, are old bugs. Bugs that get fixed dozens times over. Bugs that come back, randomly, after every patch. Bugs that ruins game play every time they reappear with a patch. Bugs that catch fc off guard and require player submitted reports and months to fix. Bugs that see players quit due to loss. Bugs that allow exploits like vault robbing and duplication glitches that players crash servers to make use of. The whole thing is a giant mess. It is standard for every patch. What a miserable experience for the players. Thanks fc.

Dear fc,

Is there some way to catch these bugs before releasing the patch? I have been hearing about a concept called, “testing”. It sounds ok, it just means you take a little time to ensure something works BEFORE you make it a live patch. I hear other game companies have been doing it with success. Some companies make patches that work for their games and dont leave its players locked out and incapable of play for months and months. Some companies pay people to test their games, they dont rely on the players to assist in the months long recovery from untested patches.

Any chance fc cares to make ce console life better? Is it even possible?

Tired of Bugs


I agree the bugs they gixed have done nothing they need to think about the bugs they fix the game breaking 1s sound take top like double jump being broken and all the ones u listed who cares about a armor looking different out off the my whole tribe no one cares about any off the fixs they done all useless feel like the pvp community the biggest community in the whole game gets put to the side again

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Fc has fixed the bugs they can. Too bad nothing is done to prevent the bugs in the first place…

And pix nurf r1 dagger spam no one whats this no skill in pvp u shound be rewarded for mastering a weapon all pvp is right now daggers of dagon r1 spam daggers shound not have 60 dmg when i get hit by a dagger i lose 205 hp with 700 armor so 4 hits im dead they hit so hard the only weapon u can use is daggers because when u get hit u cant move might aswell just have daggers in the game because there the no skill meta because theres no cripple park in the park tree which means broken daggers again pix sort this out i dont wanna have to use daggers to win i wanna use other weapons

They choose too fix them ones they could have fixed more important 1s its good they fix bugs they just need to fix the more important 1s first thats all im saying i dont feel like me and alot off other players are listened to this is the way i look at it as 1 off many of the players that are not listened too i think they should be more open to what there players want fixed think they should start a bug vote chart or something like it so they prople can vote for what they want fixed thing then alot more peiple will be happy

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Or fc could just make patches that work as intended and dont blow up the game…


Or that dont get me started on the rules for official servers banning people for building a base who ever thought off this needs fireing no one whats people banned for playing the game i dont care if so.eone builds a wall around the noob area there the best servers fighting the more then likey toxic alphas is my favourite thing to do i seen a base i wanted to raid get dev wiped this is if someone puts thet much time in think its unjustified too ban them they earned it

Why dont the patches work? When 3.0 released it ruined the game. That was 50 + days ago.

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Wait…so I have to uninstall / reinstall Xbox PC edition again? For such a small update…
Its ok! I am glad you are actively fixing the bugs!

Why is there no version update for Xbox so that I can access the new version of the server. It always shows that the version is incompatible. My steam friend is ok

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Can we please fix the bug for temperwright? They’re literally useless considering they unlock something you can already craft without one… How is this a thing? :sweat_smile:

Nothing…no fixes at all.

That is very disappointing. The game for me barely runs.

Crashes then load locks. Invisible enemies and allies persist.

Yet you fix a duplication bug and a contents bug. I also see you managed to remove the rough timber frame that was mistakenly added.

Then again since you are charging previous dlc prices for a handful of built parts that was to be expected.

Yeah think I am done with Conan, and yeah you won’t be seeing any money for Dune either.