Xbox Patch 3.0.4 - Discussion Megathread

On PC Game Pass. Just like with the 3.0 patch release, Xbox PC doesn’t register that there’s an update and I have to uninstall and reinstall the game. If this were just a one-off occurrence with the last patch, it wouldn’t be so bad, but this is twice in a row. It turns a 5-minute patch into an hours-long download. I don’t know if the fault lies with Microsoft or with Funcom, but please address this rather glaring issue.

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Also ruined pvp last stand is broken perk nothing worst then not geting kills because im geting 10v1ed by 10 players with last stand tgen they run and wait for perk to come back why is it 95% should be like 5 to 10 % max or stop the next hit then go away this is a patch that make it impossible to fight the big clans please sort this out it is worst then lightning really not inenjoyable also please sort cripple out as theres no perk to lessen the amount ur crippled whan u get hit ur pretty much not able to move and climbing is very broken please fix asp

So following from my rant, crashing seems to have stopped. I presume this was due this patch on 19th?

I notice the game syncs every time now on start so I think that was the fix.

Unfortunately since the patch and although the crashes not happening is great, frame rate has plummeted.

I mean rubbing sandpaper in the eyes bad, I get eyestrain after a few minutes of playing.

I have quite a few items and thralls so I will cull the Thralls and see if it improves. As mentioned it was running ok, other than crashes, but maybe I’ve gone past the stable threshold or something.

The other issues, invisible enemies, missing textures are still present.

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Yea still cant make legendary repair kits. Oh well

So few players left active now. Its gonna be too late when consoles get fixed. Ce will have to rey on new players. Hope none of them can read reviews.

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I play on all platforms and I can’t say that many players have left the game.

On my PS Offi server there are 30-35 online every day and many are new to the server.

There are 40 players online on my PC Offi server, the waiting list is really annoying for me every day.

And on the Xbox server, 20-30 players are online every day.

So I can’t say from my point of view that FC would have a problem with players who stop playing.

What bothers me more are the prices in the bazaar.
They’re way too expensive.

I hope they will change it.

I think the BP is really great, I already have it at 60 on all platforms.

It’s really well done that you can earn the CC again for the next one.

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Waych the xbox players list. There are people playing on console still because ce is part of gamepass on xbox. Its free to try. And thats about all players are doing. Most don’t get off noob river before uninstalling. There are players, but they rotate out just as fast as they install. It’s a completely different player list by the week’s end. Noone stays…

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Some just give up because they can’t get any further than the Noob River, unfortunately that’s a fact.

But you can’t say that players are running away just because of one server.

I’d like to see that list, because the Steam and PS stats I saw in the general thread clearly say otherwise.

Almost 3 months since sorcery update. Look at the bug reports still coming in.

Not a good sign…

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And they will release chapter 2 on dec 6. Wont fix whats wrong with the game now. And what kind of bugs can we expect with chapter 2? Have major bugs with major updates. I look for a week or two of not being able to play. And server populations have been on the decline for long time. Only reason it picked up for about a minute, was sorcery, once people checked it out they left again. Same old funcom. Lol.